ATC 000876.03 – Compressor Clutch Circuit Voltage High. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 000876.03 (ATC 876.03)

Code: 000876.03

Shortcode: 876.03


The error code, ATC 000876.03, indicates that the voltage in the air conditioning (A/C) compressor clutch circuit is excessively high. This condition suggests a potential issue such as a short to a power source within the circuit, which can lead to overheating, damage to the compressor clutch, or failure of electrical components associated with the A/C system.


The high voltage condition could lead to the automatic shutdown of the compressor clutch to prevent damage, which may affect the overall functionality of the A/C system, resulting in a lack of cooling capability within the cabin.


  • Inspect Electrical Wiring and Connections: Check the compressor clutch circuit for any signs of damaged wires, loose connections, or insulation wear that could cause a short to power.
  • Measure Circuit Voltage: Use a multimeter to measure the voltage levels in the compressor clutch circuit to identify the exact point of excessive voltage.
  • Replace or Repair Damaged Components: If any components or wiring are found to be defective, replace or repair them to restore proper electrical integrity.
  • Check Compressor Clutch and Associated Controls: Examine the compressor clutch and its associated control units for any faults that might contribute to high voltage conditions.
  • Test A/C System Functionality: After addressing the issues, thoroughly test the A/C system to ensure that the compressor clutch engages properly and the system cools effectively without triggering high voltage alerts.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the A/C system’s electrical circuits are essential to ensure efficient operation and prevent potential damage from voltage irregularities. Quick detection and correction of such issues are crucial for maintaining the operational reliability and comfort provided by the HVAC system in your John Deere equipment.