ATC 001551.03 – Pressurizer Blower Motor Circuit Voltage High. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 001551.03 (ATC 1551.03)

Code: 001551.03

Shortcode: 1551.03


The error code, ATC 001551.03, indicates that the voltage in the A/C pressurizer blower motor circuit is excessively high. This abnormal voltage could be due to issues such as a fault in the power supply, improper wiring, or a malfunction within the voltage regulator or control unit, leading to potential risks of overheating and damage to the blower motor and associated electrical components.


The high voltage condition may trigger protective measures, potentially shutting down the blower motor to prevent damage. This can affect the efficiency of the air pressurization and ventilation system, impacting cabin air quality and comfort.


  • Inspect Electrical Wiring and Connections: Examine the wiring and connections within the blower motor circuit for signs of damage, corrosion, or improper connections that might contribute to high voltage.
  • Measure Voltage Levels: Use a multimeter to check the voltage levels in the circuit to verify if they exceed the normal operating range.
  • Check Voltage Regulator and Power Supply: Evaluate the voltage regulator and the power supply unit for any faults or damage that could be causing the voltage irregularity. Replace or repair as necessary.
  • Test Blower Motor and Controller: Assess the blower motor and its controller for faults that might result from or contribute to high voltage exposure.
  • Reset and Test the System: After addressing the potential issues, reset any fault indicators and test the blower motor operation to ensure the system functions correctly and safely under normal conditions.


Regular maintenance and careful monitoring of the HVAC system’s electrical components are crucial for safe and effective operation. Addressing high voltage issues promptly helps maintain system integrity and prevents further complications, ensuring that the vehicle’s cabin environment remains comfortable and safe for the operator.