ATC 522343.05 – R17 Resistor at Heated Rear Window On, No Current Present. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 522343.05 (ATC )

Code: 522343.05



The error code, ATC 522343.05, is triggered when the power module (HF) PC6 measures less than 350 mA at the output for the heated rear window’s resistor (R17) on lead 2031 while the heater is activated. This low current reading usually indicates that the circuit is open, which may be due to a break in the wiring, a disconnected connector, or a failed component within the circuit.


The open circuit condition likely prevents the heated rear window from functioning, which can reduce visibility and safety during adverse weather conditions by failing to clear frost or condensation from the rear window.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connections: Check the wiring and connections along lead 2031 for any signs of disconnection, damage, or wear that could result in an open circuit.
  • Measure and Diagnose the Circuit: Use a multimeter to test for continuity in the circuit to confirm the presence of an open circuit.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Components: Repair any broken or disconnected wiring, or replace faulty components that are causing the open circuit to restore proper functionality.
  • Test Heater Functionality: After repairs are made, test the heated rear window to ensure that it receives appropriate current and functions correctly.
  • Reset System and Perform Functional Testing: Clear any fault codes from the system and conduct a full operational test to verify that the issue has been resolved and that the heated rear window operates effectively.


Ensuring the integrity of the electrical system and regular checks of critical safety components like the heated rear window are vital for maintaining vehicle safety and functionality. Promptly addressing any faults in the circuit ensures that visibility is maintained during adverse weather conditions, enhancing both the safety and comfort of the vehicle’s occupants.