ATC 522343.19 – R17 Resistor at Heated Rear Window, Incorrect CAN BUS Message. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 522343.19 (ATC )

Code: 522343.19



The error code, ATC 522343.19, is triggered when the output for controlling the resistor (R17) of the heated rear window is energized by more than one control unit. This indicates a conflict in the control signals being sent through the CAN BUS, which can lead to improper operation or malfunction of the heated rear window system.


This conflict may cause erratic behavior of the heated rear window, such as unintentional activation or deactivation, which could affect visibility and safety.


  • Inspect CAN BUS Connections: Check all CAN BUS connections, especially those involving the power module (HF) PC6 and other control units that manage the heated rear window, for proper configuration and integrity.
  • Diagnose CAN BUS Communication: Use diagnostic tools to analyze the CAN BUS communications. Identify all control units that are sending commands to the resistor R17 and determine the source of the conflict.
  • Correct Configuration Errors: Reconfigure the settings of the involved control units to ensure only one unit controls the resistor at any given time. This may involve software updates or adjustments in the system configuration.
  • Test the Heated Rear Window Operation: After making adjustments, test the heated rear window to ensure it operates correctly in response to commands and that no additional CAN BUS conflicts are present.
  • Monitor System Performance: Continue to monitor the system to ensure that no further CAN BUS communication errors occur and that the heated rear window functions reliably.


Maintaining clear and correct communication between control systems is essential for the efficient and safe operation of vehicle functions. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the CAN BUS system and associated electronics are critical to preventing communication failures and ensuring that all components operate smoothly and effectively. Addressing communication issues promptly is key to minimizing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.