ATC 523848.13 – Adjusting Motor for Air Distribution Not Calibrated. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 523848.13 (ATC )

Code: 523848.13



The error code, ATC 523848.13, is triggered when the air distribution adjusting motor (B132) is found to have an invalid calibration or is not yet calibrated. This lack of proper calibration can lead to incorrect air flow distribution within the cabin, affecting the HVAC system’s ability to effectively control cabin climate.


Due to the calibration issue, the adjusting motor may not position the air distribution flaps correctly, potentially leading to inconsistent or inadequate heating, cooling, or ventilation performance.


  • Inspect Motor and System Connections: Ensure that all connections related to the adjusting motor are secure and functioning correctly.
  • Calibrate the Adjusting Motor: Utilize diagnostic tools to recalibrate the motor according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This may involve adjusting the motor’s end stops or resetting its software parameters to align with system requirements.
  • Test Motor Operation: After calibration, conduct tests to confirm that the motor adjusts the air distribution flaps accurately in response to HVAC system commands.
  • Evaluate System Performance: Check the overall performance of the HVAC system to ensure that air distribution throughout the cabin is as expected and meets operational standards.
  • Reset Fault Codes and Recheck System: Clear any related fault codes from the system’s memory and perform a complete system check to ensure no other issues are present and that calibration has resolved the problem.


Maintaining proper calibration of HVAC components is crucial for optimal system performance. Regular checks and recalibrations as part of scheduled maintenance can prevent issues related to air distribution and ensure that the climate control system operates efficiently and effectively, enhancing the comfort and safety of vehicle occupants.