BCU 000177.18 – Transmission Oil Temperature Too Low During Calibration. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 000177.18 (BCU )

Code: 000177.18



Error code BCU 000177.18 indicates that the transmission oil temperature was below the required minimum of 40°C (104°F) during the calibration process of the hitch control in a John Deere vehicle. Low oil temperatures can lead to inaccurate calibrations, affecting the performance and efficiency of the transmission system. Proper oil temperature is crucial for ensuring the hydraulic oil’s viscosity is adequate for optimal system performance during calibration.


This code typically prompts a pause or halt in the calibration process to prevent potential inaccuracies and mechanical inefficiencies that could arise from calibrating under these conditions.


  • Heat Hydraulic Oil: Before attempting recalibration, ensure that the hydraulic oil reaches at least 40°C (104°F). Operate the vehicle or use an external heat source if necessary to raise the oil temperature to within the specified range.
  • Check Oil Heating Mechanisms: If the vehicle is equipped with systems to preheat the oil, verify that these are functioning correctly. Repair or replace components if defects are found.
  • Monitor Oil Temperature: Use temperature gauges to monitor the transmission oil temperature consistently. Ensure that the temperature is stable and within the required range before proceeding with calibration.
  • Repeat Calibration Process: Once the oil temperature is adequate, repeat the hitch control calibration according to the guidelines provided in the “BCU Calibration and Input Addresses of Hitch Control” section of your John Deere manual (Section 245, Group BCU).
  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Incorporate regular checks of the hydraulic oil and temperature maintenance systems into your routine maintenance schedule. Ensuring that these systems are functional can prevent future occurrences of this issue.


Maintaining the correct hydraulic oil temperature is essential for accurate and effective operation of hydraulic systems in heavy machinery. Regular monitoring and maintenance help ensure that calibration and other temperature-sensitive operations proceed without issue, preserving the longevity and operational efficiency of your John Deere equipment.