BCU 001894.13 – Proportional Solenoid Valve for Rear PTO Not Calibrated. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 001894.13 (BCU 1894.13)

Code: 001894.13

Shortcode: 1894.13


Error code BCU 001894.13 is triggered each time the Basic Control Unit (BCU) of a John Deere vehicle is programmed, indicating that the proportional solenoid valve controlling the rear Power Take-Off (PTO) is not calibrated. This diagnostic trouble code highlights the need for calibration to ensure that the rear PTO operates efficiently and responds accurately according to the operator’s input and machine’s programming.


The presence of this code may affect the performance of the rear PTO, potentially leading to less precise control until the calibration is completed. The BCU will retain this code until the necessary calibration procedures are successfully carried out and the code is manually cleared.


  • Perform Calibration of Proportional Solenoid Valve: Follow the specific calibration procedure for the rear PTO’s proportional solenoid valve as outlined in the John Deere service manual. This process typically involves adjusting the valve to ensure it operates within the manufacturer’s specifications for optimal performance.
  • Use Diagnostic Tools: Utilize appropriate diagnostic tools to aid in the calibration process, ensuring the solenoid valve’s settings are accurately adjusted according to the requirements.
  • Clear the Diagnostic Trouble Code: Once the calibration is successfully completed, manually delete the diagnostic trouble code at BCU 033 to reset the system and clear the error from the BCU’s memory.
  • Test Rear PTO Operation: After calibration and clearing the code, thoroughly test the rear PTO under various conditions to ensure it functions correctly and the solenoid valve responds appropriately to control inputs.
  • Document the Calibration: Keep a record of the calibration details in the vehicle’s service log for future reference and to aid in any subsequent diagnostics or maintenance.


Calibration of the proportional solenoid valve is crucial after programming changes to ensure that the rear PTO operates as intended. Regular checks and maintenance of the PTO system, including after any programming updates, help maintain the functionality and reliability of this critical component. Ensuring the solenoid valve is correctly calibrated can significantly enhance the performance and responsiveness of the rear PTO, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the vehicle’s operations.