BCU 001896.14 – Rear PTO Switch On with Preselection in Neutral. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 001896.14 (BCU 1896.14)

Code: 001896.14

Shortcode: 1896.14


Error code BCU 001896.14 is an operator information alert generated when the rear Power Take-Off (PTO) switch of a John Deere vehicle is activated while the preselection of the rear PTO speed remains in neutral. This condition implies a potential operational error or miscommunication in the control settings, where the PTO is engaged without an appropriate speed setting being selected. This can lead to ineffective PTO operation or mechanical stress due to the PTO being engaged without load.


The BCU will alert the operator to check the PTO settings, as engaging the PTO while in neutral may not produce the desired operational effect and could potentially harm the PTO system.


  • Check Rear PTO Settings: Before starting the engine or engaging the PTO, ensure that the rear PTO speed is appropriately selected and not left in neutral. This helps prevent unnecessary strain or damage to the PTO system.
  • Inspect PTO Switch and Control Unit: Examine the rear PTO switch and its associated control unit for proper function. Ensure that the switch and controls reflect accurate engagement settings and respond correctly to operator inputs.
  • Perform Operational Checks: If the PTO continues to engage while in neutral, perform a detailed operational check to diagnose any issues with the PTO control system, including sensors, switches, and electronic controls.
  • Consult the Service Manual: Refer to the specific section in the John Deere service manual for troubleshooting and diagnostics related to PTO operation to ensure all components are functioning within specified parameters.
  • Reset the BCU and Clear Diagnostic Codes: After confirming or correcting settings and making any necessary repairs, reset the BCU to ensure it accurately reads all inputs and clears any stored codes that may affect operation.
  • Educate Operators: Ensure that all operators are familiar with the correct procedures for engaging the rear PTO, including the importance of setting the PTO speed before engagement to avoid similar alerts and ensure safe operation.


Proper engagement and configuration of the rear PTO are crucial for the safe and effective operation of attached implements. Regular training for operators on the correct use of PTO controls and routine checks of the PTO system can prevent operational errors and reduce the risk of damage to the machinery. Such practices help maintain the functionality and longevity of your John Deere equipment.