BCU 002354.05 – Front Corner Worklights On, No Current Detected. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 002354.05 (BCU 2354.05)

Code: 002354.05

Shortcode: 2354.05


Error code BCU 002354.05 is triggered when the Power Module (High Frequency) PC6 in a John Deere vehicle detects a current of less than 500 mA at the front corner worklight output (E09) on lead 1011 while the worklights are activated. This extremely low current suggests that an open circuit condition exists, likely due to a disconnected wire, a faulty worklight, or a broken connection within the worklight circuit.


With such a diagnosis, the system might attempt to activate the front corner worklights but will fail to do so effectively due to the absence of sufficient current. The BCU may alert the operator via dashboard indicators, indicating a malfunction in the worklight operation.


  • Inspect Worklight Circuit: Thoroughly examine the front corner worklights and their associated wiring for any signs of disconnection, damage, or wear that could lead to an open circuit.
  • Check Worklight and Connector Integrity: Look at the connectors and wiring specifically leading to and from the worklights. Ensure that all connections are secure and that there is no visible damage or corrosion on the connectors or wiring.
  • Test Worklight Functionality: Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the worklight circuit from the power module to the worklights. This will help to confirm the presence of an open circuit.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Components: If a break or disconnection in the circuit is identified, repair the wiring or replace the faulty components to restore proper function.
  • Verify Current Draw Post-Repair: After repairs are made, measure the current draw of the front corner worklights to ensure that it meets the expected operational range and that the worklights are functioning correctly.
  • Reset the Power Module and Clear Diagnostic Codes: Reset the power module PC6 to clear any stored fault codes and retest the system to ensure the worklights operate correctly without further issues.
  • Monitor System Operation: Keep an eye on the front corner worklights to ensure no further issues of no current or open circuit arise, confirming the stability and reliability of the repairs.


Regular inspections and maintenance of vehicle lighting systems are crucial to ensure they function efficiently and reliably. In the case of worklight systems, which are essential for safety and operational effectiveness, addressing issues promptly can prevent larger system failures and ensure ongoing visibility for the operator. By maintaining electrical integrity, the risk of operational disruptions and potential safety hazards is minimized.