BCU 002354.19 – E09 Front Corner Worklights, Incorrect CAN Bus Message Due to Multiple Control Inputs. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 002354.19 (BCU 2354.19)

Code: 002354.19

Shortcode: 2354.19


Error code BCU 002354.19 is triggered when the output for switching the E09 front corner worklights on a John Deere vehicle is energized by more than one control unit simultaneously. This condition indicates a potential conflict or misconfiguration in the CAN bus system, where multiple signals are directing the Power Module (High Frequency) PC6, leading to possible discrepancies in worklight operation.


The presence of conflicting control signals may cause erratic behavior of the front corner worklights, such as unintended flickering, staying on when not required, or failing to activate. The system may log this error and signal an operational warning to alert the operator of the potential issue.


  • Identify Contributing Control Units: Utilize diagnostic tools to determine which control units are sending signals to activate the E09 worklights. This will help identify the source of the conflicting inputs.
  • Inspect CAN Bus Configuration: Check the configuration of the CAN bus system to ensure that it properly routes commands and that there is no misconfiguration causing multiple units to control the same output.
  • Resolve Configuration Errors: Correct any programming errors or misconfigurations found during the diagnostic check. This may involve reprogramming one or more of the control units to ensure only the appropriate signals are sent to the power module PC6.
  • Test Worklight Operation: After making adjustments, test the front corner worklights to ensure they respond correctly to controls and that no additional or conflicting commands are affecting their operation.
  • Reset the Power Module and Clear Diagnostic Codes: Reset the power module PC6 and clear any diagnostic codes from the BCU to reinitialize the system and confirm that the error has been resolved.
  • Monitor System Performance: Continue to monitor the operation of the front corner worklights post-repair to ensure stable and consistent functionality. Verify that no further issues of control conflict are observed.


Correctly configuring the CAN bus system to avoid multiple control signals for a single output is crucial for the reliable operation of vehicle systems. Ensuring that each component communicates properly within the network helps maintain the functionality and safety of the vehicle’s electrical systems. Regular checks and updates of the system configurations can prevent potential operational conflicts and ensure smooth operation of all connected devices.