BCU 523692.01 – Power Supply Fault Detected for Upper Worklights on Cab Frame. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 523692.01 (BCU )

Code: 523692.01



Error code BCU 523692.01 is triggered when the power module PC0 measures a supply voltage of less than 3 volts at lead 0792, which is intended for the upper worklights on the cab frame, when these lights are activated. This low voltage measurement indicates a power supply fault, possibly due to issues such as insufficient input voltage, faulty wiring, or degraded components within the power supply circuit.


The system will likely deactivate the upper worklights to protect against potential damage caused by under-voltage operation, which can impair light performance and lead to component degradation.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connectors: Begin by examining the wiring and connectors associated with lead 0792 to ensure there are no breaks, corrosion, or loose connections that could lead to voltage drops.
  • Measure Voltage Levels: Use a multimeter to check the voltage levels at various points within the circuit to identify where the voltage drop occurs.
  • Address Faulty Power Supply Components: Replace or repair any faulty power supply components that are causing the voltage to drop below the necessary operational level.
  • Ensure Correct Input Voltage: Verify that the input voltage to the power module PC0 is within the specified range to ensure it can adequately supply the upper worklights.
  • Test and Reset the System: After making any necessary repairs or adjustments, reset the system and test the upper worklights to ensure they receive adequate voltage and are functioning correctly.


Regular checks and timely maintenance of the power supply system are essential to prevent issues like under-voltage, which can compromise the performance and safety of electrical systems. Ensuring that all components are functioning within their specified voltage ranges helps maintain optimal operation and longevity of the equipment.