BCU 523702.14 – VIN Information System Deactivated Due to Reprogramming Error. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 523702.14 (BCU )

Code: 523702.14



The diagnostic trouble code BCU 523702.14 is generated when the vehicle identification number (VIN) security function within the Body Control Unit (BCU) is deactivated. This deactivation typically occurs due to an internal problem, specifically pointing to incorrect reprogramming of the control unit. Such an issue can compromise the security and integrity of the vehicle’s identification systems, potentially affecting operations and compliance with regulatory standards.


The system may deactivate the VIN-related functions, preventing verification processes that rely on correct VIN information from operating as intended. This can affect both diagnostics and system security protocols.


  • Check and Correct Programming: Inspect the current programming of the BCU to ensure it aligns with manufacturer specifications. Correct any discrepancies or errors in the reprogramming process.
  • Update Firmware/Software: If necessary, update the firmware or software of the BCU to the latest version to rectify any bugs or issues that could be causing the VIN security function to deactivate.
  • Verify VIN Settings: Ensure that all VIN-related settings are correctly configured and enabled as per the operational requirements.
  • Perform System Diagnostics: After making the necessary corrections, perform a comprehensive diagnostic check to verify that the VIN security function is active and operating correctly.
  • Consult Technical Support: If issues persist, consult with manufacturer’s technical support or a professional technician for further guidance and advanced troubleshooting.


Maintaining the integrity and functionality of the VIN security system is crucial for ensuring the vehicle’s identification is always accurate and secure. Regular checks and updates of the control unit programming can prevent such issues from impacting the vehicle’s operation and compliance.