BCU 523702.14 – VIN Information, System Deactivated. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 523702.14 (BCU )

Code: 523702.14



Error code BCU 523702.14 is triggered when the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) security function within the Basic Control Unit (BCU) of a John Deere vehicle is not enabled due to an internal problem. This diagnostic trouble code typically points to an incorrect reprogramming of the control unit, where the VIN-related security features have been deactivated or are not functioning as intended, possibly due to an error during an update or reprogramming process.


The system’s VIN-based security functions may be inactive, potentially affecting various operations tied to vehicle identification protocols. This can compromise the security or regulatory compliance of the vehicle, particularly in systems that rely on VIN verification for functionality or service verification.


  • Inspect Control Unit Programming: Check the programming and configuration settings of the BCU to confirm that all VIN-related functions are correctly activated. Look for any anomalies or errors in the settings that could have deactivated the VIN security function.
  • Correct Reprogramming Errors: If incorrect programming is found, reprogram the BCU with the correct software version or settings that fully enable the VIN security functions. Ensure that the programming is done according to manufacturer specifications and using approved software tools.
  • Reset the BCU: After correcting any programming errors, reset the BCU to ensure that all new configurations take effect and that the system recognizes the correct VIN.
  • Test System Functionality: Following the reset, test the VIN-related functions to ensure they are active and working as expected. Verify that the system responds appropriately to VIN checks and other security measures.
  • Monitor System Post-Repair: Continue monitoring the BCU and its VIN functions after the repair to ensure no further issues arise. Regularly check for updates or notices from the manufacturer regarding software or security features.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Document the issue and the steps taken to resolve it, particularly noting any reprogramming or resetting of the system. This documentation can be useful for future reference and for compliance with any regulatory requirements.


Maintaining accurate and functional VIN-related security features is crucial for the integrity and regulatory compliance of modern vehicles. These features not only help in verifying the vehicle’s identity for service and updates but also play a critical role in security and anti-theft protocols. Regular checks and updates of the BCU and related systems are recommended to ensure that all functions operate effectively and securely.