BIF 000168.16 – Control Unit Overvoltage Warning. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 000168.16 (BIF 168.16)

Code: 000168.16

Shortcode: 168.16


This error code, BIF 000168.16, signifies that the control unit has detected a supply voltage that exceeds the normal threshold, specifically above 16 volts. Such high voltage levels can potentially damage electrical components and affect the operation of the control unit, leading to erratic behavior or failure of various systems.


The control unit may initiate protective measures to prevent damage, which could include temporary shutdown of certain functions or systems to safeguard sensitive electronic components.


  • Inspect Electrical Connections: Check all wiring and connections for signs of damage, corrosion, or loose connections that could contribute to voltage fluctuations.
  • Test Battery and Charging System: Ensure the battery is in good condition and the charging system is not delivering excessive voltage. Replace or repair components as necessary.
  • Verify Voltage Regulator Operation: Confirm that the voltage regulator is functioning correctly. A faulty regulator could allow high voltage levels to pass through to the control unit.
  • Evaluate System Load: Assess other components connected to the same power supply to ensure they are not contributing to the high voltage issue. Disconnect or replace faulty equipment as needed.
  • Comprehensive System Diagnostics: Conduct a full diagnostic to identify any hidden issues within the electrical system that might be causing the overvoltage.


Continuous monitoring of the voltage supply and maintaining all electrical components in good working order are crucial for preventing overvoltage conditions. Regular checks and maintenance can help avoid costly repairs and downtime associated with electrical system failures.

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