BIF 002034.09 – SIC Communication Fault in CAN BUS System. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002034.09 (BIF 2034.09)

Code: 002034.09

Shortcode: 2034.09


The error code BIF 002034.09 is generated when there is an issue in the data transmission between the Stepper Interface Controller (SIC) and the BIF system, particularly affecting the EICV (Electronically Controlled Independent Valve) and ESCV (Electronically Controlled Selective Control Valve) stepper motors. This fault is indicated when the reception of one or more CAN messages from the SIC is intermittent or completely fails, commonly due to issues like loose wiring.


The fault can lead to erratic or incorrect operation of the EICV and ESCV stepper motors, potentially impacting the hydraulic functions and control systems they operate.


  • Inspect and Secure Wiring: Check all connections and wiring associated with the SIC and BIF systems, especially those connected to the stepper motors. Repair or replace any damaged or loose wiring to ensure reliable communication.
  • Diagnose CAN BUS Components: Utilize diagnostic tools to test the CAN BUS network, with a focus on identifying disruptions or errors in the pathways that involve the SIC.
  • Update Control Unit Software: Make sure that the software for both the SIC and BIF is current and properly configured. Updates may resolve transmission errors and compatibility issues.
  • Evaluate SIC Performance: Test the SIC’s ability to accurately process and send data. If the unit is found to be defective, it may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Systematic Network Testing: Conduct thorough testing of the entire CAN BUS system to ascertain all components are communicating correctly and no underlying issues remain unaddressed.


Maintaining optimal communication between the SIC and BIF is crucial for precise control over hydraulic systems and other functionalities managed by stepper motors. Routine checks and maintenance of the communication networks can prevent operational errors and enhance the durability and efficiency of the equipment.

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