BIF 002150.09 – Power Module PC0 Communication Fault in CAN BUS System. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002150.09 (BIF 2150.09)

Code: 002150.09

Shortcode: 2150.09


The diagnostic trouble code BIF 002150.09 indicates a communication problem between the Power Module PC0 and the BIF control unit. The issue arises when the transmission of one or more CAN messages from the power module is intermittent or fails entirely, which could be due to loose connections or wiring faults. This condition can significantly affect the management and operation of the power systems controlled by the module.


As a response to this fault, the control unit may limit the functionality of systems dependent on the power module to prevent erratic or unsafe operations.


  • Inspect and Secure Connections: Thoroughly check all wiring and connectors associated with the Power Module PC0 for any signs of looseness, wear, or damage. Repair or replace wiring as needed to ensure stable and reliable connections.
  • Evaluate CAN BUS Network: Utilize specialized diagnostic tools to assess the integrity and performance of the CAN BUS network, particularly focusing on the segments involving the Power Module PC0.
  • Update Software and Firmware: Ensure that the firmware of the Power Module and the software of the BIF are current. Updates may correct issues affecting message handling and improve system compatibility.
  • Test Power Module Functionality: Conduct tests to verify that the Power Module PC0 is functioning properly and is capable of sending and receiving accurate messages.
  • Comprehensive System Checks: Carry out an extensive diagnostic evaluation to identify and rectify any hidden issues within the communication system that might be causing the transmission problems.


Maintaining effective communication between the power module and the BIF control unit is crucial for the reliable operation of power management systems. Routine diagnostics and preventive maintenance can help minimize the risk of communication failures, ensuring that power systems operate efficiently and safely.

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