BIF 002348.01 – Low Voltage Supply Fault for Full Beam Headlights on Cab Frame. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002348.01 (BIF 2348.01)

Code: 002348.01

Shortcode: 2348.01


Error code BIF 002348.01 occurs when the Power Module PC0 detects a low voltage supply to the full beam headlights on the cab frame, specifically measuring less than 3 volts at the supply voltage for the output of the headlights (lead 1029, fuse F05/10). This condition typically indicates an issue with the power supply such as poor wiring connections, a blown fuse, or an inadequate voltage output from the power module.


The power module may disable the full beam headlights to prevent damage from inadequate voltage, which could result in reduced visibility if the headlights are needed.


  • Inspect and Repair Wiring: Thoroughly examine the wiring associated with lead 1029 for any signs of damage or wear. Repair or replace wiring as necessary to ensure a stable voltage supply.
  • Check and Replace Fuse F05/10: Verify the condition of fuse F05/10. Replace the fuse if it is blown or shows signs of damage.
  • Test Voltage Output: Use a multimeter to test the voltage output at the headlight connection. Ensure that it meets the required voltage level for proper operation.
  • Evaluate Power Module PC0: Assess the functionality of Power Module PC0 to ensure it is correctly regulating and distributing voltage. Repair or replace the module if it is found to be faulty.
  • System Reset and Functionality Check: After repairs, reset the system to clear the diagnostic trouble code and test the headlights to confirm they are functioning properly with correct voltage supply.


Maintaining the integrity of the vehicle’s electrical supply is crucial for the safe operation of lighting and other critical systems. Regular checks and maintenance can prevent voltage supply issues, thereby ensuring that all systems function reliably and safely under all operating conditions.

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