BIF 002348.05 – Open Circuit Fault in Full Beam Headlights on Cab Frame. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002348.05 (BIF 2348.05)

Code: 002348.05

Shortcode: 2348.05


Error code BIF 002348.05 is triggered when the Power Module PC0 records an abnormally low current, specifically less than 350 mA, at the output for the full beam headlights on the cab frame (lead 2023) while they are activated. This diagnostic trouble code suggests that there is an open circuit in the wiring or connectors, preventing proper current flow.


The power module may disable the full beam headlights to avoid any potential risk associated with the open circuit, such as electrical shorts or ineffective lighting.


  • Inspect and Test Wiring: Thoroughly examine the wiring associated with lead 2023 for breaks, disconnections, or damage that might cause an open circuit. Use a continuity tester to identify any interruptions in the circuit.
  • Check Connectors and Grounds: Ensure all connectors are properly seated and the ground connections are secure. Corrosion or loose connections can often be the cause of open circuits.
  • Replace Damaged Wiring or Connectors: If any damaged wires or connectors are found, replace them to ensure integrity and continuity of the circuit.
  • Test Headlight Assembly: Evaluate the full beam headlight assembly to ensure it is functioning correctly and is not contributing to the open circuit.
  • System Reset and Functionality Check: After all repairs are made, reset the system to clear the diagnostic trouble code and conduct tests to confirm that the full beam headlights are operating correctly with the correct current flow.


Regular inspections and prompt repair of the vehicle’s electrical systems are crucial for safety and operational efficiency. Addressing issues like open circuits quickly helps prevent further electrical system complications and ensures that lighting systems provide adequate visibility during operation.

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