BIF 002348.19 – Conflicting Control Signal for Full Beam Headlights on Cab Frame. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002348.19 (BIF 2348.19)

Code: 002348.19

Shortcode: 2348.19


Error code BIF 002348.19 is set off when multiple control units erroneously energize the output for switching the full beam headlights on the cab frame (E07/E08). This indicates a conflict in the CAN BUS messages where more than one unit is attempting to control the same function, potentially leading to erratic operation or conflicts within the vehicle’s electrical system.


The system may exhibit unpredictable behavior in the full beam headlights functionality, which could include unintended switching or flickering of the headlights due to conflicting commands.


  • Identify Control Units Involved: Use diagnostic tools to determine which control units are sending conflicting signals to the headlights. Check for misconfigurations or software issues that could cause overlapping controls.
  • Update and Configure Software: Ensure all involved control units are running the latest software versions. Correct any configuration errors that may allow multiple units to control the headlights.
  • Check CAN BUS Configuration: Review and, if necessary, reconfigure the CAN BUS system to clearly define control pathways and responsibilities for each control unit to prevent signal conflicts.
  • Test System Integration: After adjustments, test the integration of the control units to ensure they are operating harmoniously without overlapping functionalities.
  • Comprehensive System Testing: Conduct extensive testing of the electrical and control systems to ensure that the issue has been fully resolved and that all components are communicating correctly.


Preventing and resolving conflicts in CAN BUS message controls is vital for the stability and reliability of the vehicle’s electronic systems. Regular system checks and updates are recommended to ensure that all components function cohesively, minimizing the risk of electrical and operational issues.

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