BIF 522435.05 – Open Circuit Fault in Windshield Wiper System (Fast Wipe). John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 522435.05 (BIF )

Code: 522435.05



Error code BIF 522435.05 is triggered when the Power Module PC0 detects a current of less than 350 mA at the output for the windshield wiper (lead 2049) when the switch is set to the fast wipe position. This low current condition indicates that the circuit is open, preventing the windshield wiper from operating in fast wipe mode.


Due to the open circuit, the windshield wiper may fail to operate when switched to the fast wipe setting, which can significantly impair visibility during adverse weather conditions.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connectors: Check the wiring and connectors associated with lead 2049 for any signs of disconnection, damage, or wear that might be causing the open circuit.
  • Test for Continuity: Use a continuity tester to check the integrity of the circuit. This will help identify where the circuit is broken or open.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Wiring: If a break or disconnection is found within the circuit, repair the damaged section or replace the faulty wiring to restore proper function.
  • Check Wiper Motor and Relay: Ensure that the windshield wiper motor and any associated relays are functioning correctly and are properly connected.
  • Evaluate Power Module PC0: Confirm that the Power Module PC0 is functioning correctly and providing the appropriate power output. Repair or replace the module if necessary.
  • System Reset and Test Operation: After any necessary repairs are made, reset the system to clear the diagnostic code. Test the windshield wiper operation to ensure it functions correctly at the fast wipe setting.


Regular maintenance of the windshield wiper system is essential to ensure safety and operational readiness, especially during inclement weather conditions. Addressing any signs of malfunction promptly can help avoid visibility issues while driving, thereby enhancing safety and comfort for the vehicle’s operator and passengers.

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