BRC 000628.02 – Faulty Control Unit Configuration in Brake Control. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 000628.02 (BRC 628.02)

Code: 000628.02

Shortcode: 628.02


This error code BRC 000628.02 pertains to an issue within the Brake Control Unit (BRC), indicating that the internal configuration memory is invalid. This error suggests that there might be a corruption or loss of vital configuration data, which is essential for the correct functioning of the brake system.


The equipment response to this malfunction is a degraded function, where the brake control system might not operate optimally. While basic braking functions might still be available, advanced features or fine-tuned control parameters may be compromised.


  • Check for Firmware Updates: Ensure that the BRC firmware is up to date. An update may resolve issues with corrupt memory by reinstalling the firmware.
  • Reconfigure the BRC: Attempt to reprogram or recalibrate the BRC if possible. This may correct errors in the configuration memory.
  • Diagnostic Testing: Utilize diagnostic tools to perform a comprehensive check of the BRC’s memory and operational status.
  • Replace Faulty Hardware: If reconfiguration does not solve the problem, consider replacing the Brake Control Unit as the memory issue may be due to hardware failure.
  • System Verification Post-Repair: After repairs or adjustments, verify that the unit functions correctly under various operational conditions to ensure reliability.


The integrity of the internal configuration memory in the Brake Control Unit is crucial for safe braking operations. Regular system checks and maintenance can help detect such faults early, reducing the risk of brake failure and enhancing overall vehicle safety.