BRC 000639.14 – CAN Error Limit Exceeded in Brake Control Unit. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 000639.14 (BRC 639.14)

Code: 000639.14

Shortcode: 639.14


The error code BRC 000639.14 indicates that the Brake Control Unit (BRC) has received an excessive number of error messages via the Controller Area Network (CAN), surpassing the acceptable limit. This scenario often points to persistent communication issues within the CAN network, potentially caused by faulty components or signal interference.


In response to this critical error count, the functionality of the Brake Control Unit has been disabled, turning it OFF to prevent erratic behavior or unsafe operations based on erroneous data inputs.


  • Diagnose CAN Communication: Utilize diagnostic tools to analyze the CAN network and identify sources of the errors. This includes checking for malfunctioning devices, poor connections, or any other disruptions affecting signal integrity.
  • Replace or Repair Faulty Components: Address and resolve any identified issues with components that contribute to the error messages. This may involve replacing defective parts or repairing connection problems.
  • Update System Software: Ensure that all networked components, especially the BRC, are operating with the latest software updates that might include error handling improvements.
  • Clear Error Logs and Reset Systems: After making necessary repairs, clear the error logs in the BRC and reset the system to ensure all settings are correct and the network is refreshed.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Implement regular checks and continuous monitoring of the CAN network to prevent future instances of error limit exceedance.


Maintaining a stable and error-free CAN network is crucial for the safety and reliability of the vehicle’s brake system. Systematic inspection and timely resolution of communication errors are essential to ensure that the Brake Control Unit operates effectively, thereby safeguarding against potential failures that could lead to unsafe conditions.