BRC 522280.01 – Low Secondary Brake Pressure. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 522280.01 (BRC )

Code: 522280.01



Error code BRC 522280.01 indicates that the secondary brake pressure is lower than expected. This condition is characterized by sensor voltage readings that are lower than the calibrated current values, which may be caused by a valve stuck closed or low hydraulic pressure. The discrepancy between the voltage read by the Brake Control Unit (BRC) and the actual pressure suggests an issue in maintaining adequate brake pressure.


The control unit’s response is to issue an informational alarm, alerting the operator to the low pressure condition without directly impacting the brake’s immediate function.


  • Inspect Hydraulic System: Check the hydraulic system, particularly the valves, to ensure they are functioning properly and are not stuck closed. Address any blockages or mechanical failures that could be causing low pressure.
  • Verify Hydraulic Fluid Levels: Low hydraulic fluid levels can lead to reduced pressure. Check and refill the hydraulic fluid if necessary.
  • Calibrate Pressure Sensors: Ensure that the pressure sensors are accurately calibrated to reflect true hydraulic pressures. Incorrect sensor calibration could lead to erroneous low-pressure readings.
  • Conduct System Diagnostics: Perform a comprehensive diagnostic check to pinpoint any discrepancies in the hydraulic system that might contribute to the low pressure readings.
  • Regular Monitoring and Maintenance: Establish a routine for monitoring the hydraulic system’s performance and maintaining its components to prevent issues related to low brake pressure.


Consistent and reliable brake pressure is essential for the safe operation of any vehicle. Addressing issues promptly and maintaining the hydraulic system in good working order will help ensure the braking system operates efficiently and safely. Regular checks and calibration of sensors are critical to catching and correcting issues before they lead to larger problems.