BRC 522281.06 – High Current in Rear Brake Cooling Control Valve. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 522281.06 (BRC )

Code: 522281.06



Error code BRC 522281.06 is triggered when the current to the rear brake cooling control valve exceeds the normal operating limits. This high current scenario may be caused by an electrical fault such as a short circuit, faulty wiring, or an issue within the valve itself, which could potentially lead to overheating or damage to the valve.


In response to the high current condition, the brake system has automatically disabled the rear brake cooling control valve to prevent further damage or hazardous operating conditions.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connections: Thoroughly check the wiring and electrical connections to the rear brake cooling control valve for any signs of damage, wear, or improper connections that might be causing the high current.
  • Diagnose Electrical Components: Use a multimeter to diagnose potential short circuits or other electrical faults in the circuit feeding the valve. Identify and rectify any abnormalities.
  • Replace Faulty Valve or Components: If the valve or any related electrical components are found to be faulty, replace them to ensure proper operation and safety.
  • Verify System Integration: Ensure that all parts of the brake cooling system are properly integrated and functioning together without causing electrical overloads.
  • Test and Monitor After Repairs: Once repairs are made, test the system under normal operating conditions to ensure the current is maintained at safe levels. Continue to monitor the system to prevent future issues.


Effective management of the rear brake cooling control valve’s electrical supply is essential for safe and efficient brake operation, especially in conditions that require enhanced cooling. Regular inspections and proper maintenance of the electrical system can help ensure the longevity and reliability of the braking system, preventing overheating and other operational risks.