BRC 523839.19 – Secondary Hand Brake Fault Message Received. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 523839.19 (BRC )

Code: 523839.19



Error code BRC 523839.19 occurs when the Brake Control Unit (BRC) receives data from the Cab Control Unit (CAB) indicating a fault with the secondary brake switch. This fault is connected to another error code, CAB 523839.02—Handbrake Switch Conflict, which suggests an issue in the switch’s operation or signal interference causing conflicting data. Diagnosis and resolution of the CAB 523839.02 issue should be prioritized as it directly impacts the BRC fault.


In response to the faulty signal from the secondary hand brake switch, the function of the related brake system is degraded. This precaution ensures that potential misinterpretations of brake signals do not lead to unsafe conditions.


  • Diagnose CAB Code First: Start by diagnosing and resolving the CAB 523839.02 code, as it is directly related to the BRC fault. Addressing this code may resolve the secondary hand brake fault by eliminating the source of the erroneous data.
  • Check Hand Brake Switch and Wiring: Inspect the hand brake switch and associated wiring for any damage, wear, or loose connections that could cause incorrect data transmission.
  • Test Connectivity and Signal Integrity: Ensure that there is no signal interference affecting the hand brake switch’s functionality. Use diagnostic tools to verify signal strength and integrity.
  • Update Firmware and Software: Ensure that all related control units, including the BRC and CAB, have the latest software updates that may address known issues with signal processing and compatibility.
  • Functional Testing Post-Repair: Once repairs and updates are completed, conduct comprehensive functional tests to confirm that the hand brake system operates correctly without any fault indications.


Interrelated faults across different control units highlight the complexity of modern vehicle systems where errors in one unit can impact the functionality of others. Regular system checks and prompt addressing of error codes are essential for maintaining the overall safety and efficiency of vehicle operations.