BRC 523844.06 – High Current in Front Brake Solenoid Circuit (50 km/h Only). John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 523844.06 (BRC )

Code: 523844.06



Error code BRC 523844.06 occurs in vehicles equipped for 50 km/h operation when the current flowing to the front brake solenoid exceeds the specified limits. This high current could be indicative of an electrical short, faulty solenoid, or an issue with the power supply system that is causing excessive power delivery to the solenoid.


In response to this abnormal current, the functionality of the front brake system has been disabled, turning it OFF. This action is taken to prevent potential damage to the brake system or hazardous brake operation that could result from overheated or overstressed components.


  • Inspect Solenoid and Wiring: Check the front brake solenoid and associated wiring for signs of short circuits, damage, or degradation that could contribute to high current levels.
  • Measure Current and Voltage: Use electrical testing tools to measure both the current and voltage being supplied to the solenoid. This will help determine if the solenoid is drawing too much power or if there is excessive voltage in the circuit.
  • Replace Faulty Solenoid: If the solenoid is found to be faulty and is drawing excessive current, replace it to ensure safe and proper operation.
  • Check Power Supply and Regulators: Investigate the vehicle’s power supply, including any voltage regulators or control modules that manage power distribution to the brake system. Replace or repair any components that are not functioning within their normal specifications.
  • System Reset and Testing: After addressing the issue, reset the brake system and conduct thorough testing to confirm that the current to the solenoid is within safe operating parameters and that the system functions correctly.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the electrical system, especially in components like brake solenoids that are critical for safety, are vital to prevent issues such as high current from arising. Proper management of these systems helps ensure the longevity and reliability of the vehicle’s braking capabilities.