CAB 000237.14 – VIN Security Not Enabled

CAB 000237.14 (CAB 237.14)

Code: 000237.14

Shortcode: 237.14


Error code CAB 000237.14 is generated when the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) security feature has not been activated within the system. This setting is crucial for enhancing vehicle security and ensuring that all electronic control units (ECUs) within the vehicle communicate securely and verify authenticity. The absence of this security feature can expose the vehicle to risks of unauthorized modifications and compatibility issues.


The system will restrict certain functionalities as a precautionary measure to mitigate potential risks arising from the lack of VIN security activation.


  • Prioritize Existing Communication Faults: Address any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) related to missing CAN messages first, as these could impact the ability to enable VIN security.
  • Enable VIN Security Features: Use specialized diagnostic software to activate VIN security across all relevant control units. This process might require manufacturer-specific procedures and tools.
  • Verify VIN Across All ECUs: Ensure that the VIN is correctly programmed and recognized by all ECUs. Inconsistencies should be corrected immediately to facilitate proper security feature implementation.
  • Inspect CAN Bus Integrity: Check the integrity of the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus to ensure reliable communication between all ECUs. Repair any faults found that could impair data transmission.
  • Test System Functionality: After enabling VIN security, thoroughly test the vehicle’s systems to ensure they operate correctly under the new security protocols. Monitor the system to verify that no new errors are logged, and all ECUs are functioning securely and cohesively.


Regular updates and checks during vehicle servicing should include verification of security settings, especially VIN security, to maintain the integrity and safety of the vehicle’s control systems. Ensuring that VIN security is enabled is fundamental to protecting the vehicle against unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with industry security standards.

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