CAB 000628.02 – CAB End Of Line Data Fault

CAB 000628.02 (CAB 628.02)

Code: 000628.02

Shortcode: 628.02


Error code CAB 000628.02 is triggered when the CAB control unit identifies a failure in its End Of Line (EOL) memory during start-up. The EOL memory is critical for storing final configuration data and settings specific to the vehicle’s assembly process. A malfunction in this memory can result in incorrect or missing configuration data, affecting the control unit’s ability to function as intended.


In response to this memory failure, the control unit limits its functionality to prevent operation under potentially erroneous or unsafe conditions.


  • Attempt Software Reinstallation: Before replacing any hardware, try downloading and installing the latest software available for the control unit. This action can sometimes resolve issues by rewriting and correcting the EOL data.
  • Check Memory Components: If the software update does not correct the fault, inspect the hardware components responsible for memory storage. This may involve diagnostics to check the integrity and functionality of the memory chips.
  • Replace Faulty Hardware: If diagnostics confirm hardware failure, replace the defective memory components. Ensure that all new hardware is compatible and correctly installed.
  • Verify System Integrity Post-Repair: After hardware replacement or successful software update, perform a comprehensive system check to ensure all settings and functions are operating correctly according to the new EOL data.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Regularly monitor the system post-repair to ensure no further issues arise, maintaining vigilance for any signs of recurring faults.


It’s important to keep the control unit’s software and hardware up to date to minimize the risk of EOL data faults. Regular maintenance and checks should include updates to software and inspections of memory integrity to ensure ongoing reliability and performance of the control unit.

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