CAB 523839.13 – Secondary Brake Not Calibrated

CAB 523839.13 (CAB )

Code: 523839.13



Error code CAB 523839.13 is triggered when the CAB control unit detects a calibration issue between the secondary hand brake lever switch and the secondary hand brake lever position sensors. This discrepancy can lead to inaccurate braking signals and reduced functionality of the secondary braking system, which is designed for additional braking support and is distinct from a parking brake. This specific error pertains to the European versions of the equipment.


Due to the calibration issue, the control system restricts certain functions to prevent potential safety hazards that might arise from incorrect brake engagement.


  • Calibrate Brake Components: Perform a full calibration of the secondary hand brake lever switch and position sensors according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This may require specialized tools or software that are typically available at service centers.
  • Inspect Mechanical Alignment: Ensure that the mechanical parts of the secondary brake lever are properly aligned and functioning smoothly. Any misalignment can cause calibration errors and should be corrected.
  • Test Electrical Connections: Check all electrical connections for the switch and sensors for integrity and security. Loose or corroded connections can interfere with calibration accuracy.
  • System Testing Post-Calibration: After recalibration, thoroughly test the secondary brake system under various conditions to ensure it responds accurately and consistently as intended.
  • Regular Maintenance and Checks: Implement a routine schedule for checking and recalibrating the secondary brake system to prevent future issues. Regular maintenance helps maintain optimal functionality and safety.


Consistent and accurate calibration of brake systems is critical, especially for safety-critical systems like secondary brakes. Ensuring that all components are in sync and properly calibrated is essential for reliable operation and to prevent malfunctions during operation.

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