CAB 523922.31 – Secondary Brake Engaged While Moving

CAB 523922.31 (CAB )

Code: 523922.31



Error code CAB 523922.31 is reported when the CAB control unit detects that the secondary hand brake lever is engaged while the vehicle is moving or not in a neutral gear position. This condition can pose significant safety risks, including potential vehicle instability or undue wear on braking components. This code pertains specifically to the European version of the equipment where the secondary brake serves as an auxiliary brake, not a parking brake.


The control unit does not automatically initiate any corrective actions in response to this condition, depending instead on the operator to resolve the situation by ensuring the brake lever is fully released.


  • Verify Lever Position: Immediately ensure that the secondary hand brake lever is fully released. This may involve physically checking the lever and its linkage for any obstructions or maladjustments that prevent full disengagement.
  • Inspect Brake Lever and Linkage: Examine the brake lever and its linkage for signs of wear, damage, or improper adjustment that might cause it to engage inadvertently.
  • Adjust and Lubricate Mechanisms: Make necessary adjustments to the brake lever mechanism to ensure it operates smoothly and disengages completely. Apply lubrication to moving parts if necessary.
  • Test Brake Functionality: Conduct tests to verify that the secondary brake disengages completely when the lever is released and does not engage accidentally during vehicle operation.
  • Educate Operators: Reinforce training for operators on the correct use and monitoring of the secondary hand brake to prevent inadvertent engagement.


Continuous monitoring and regular maintenance of the secondary brake system are crucial to ensure its correct operation and to avoid potential safety hazards associated with unintentional engagement. Regular checks should be integrated into routine maintenance schedules to ensure all braking components function optimally and safely.

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