CCU 000096.04 — Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Voltage Low. Low Voltage in Fuel Level Sensor Circuit.

CCU 000096.04 (CCU 96.04)

Code: 000096.04

Shortcode: 96.04


This error code signifies that the output voltage from the fuel level sensor circuit is below the expected minimum of 0.2 V, indicating a potential short circuit or sensor failure.


The function of the fuel gauge or related systems is degraded, which may lead to incorrect fuel level indications.


  • Check for Short Circuits: Inspect the sensor and circuit for any signs of short circuits or grounding issues.
  • Verify Sensor Operation: Test the fuel level sensor to ensure it is operating correctly. Replace if defective.
  • Inspect Wiring: Look for damaged or worn wiring that might be causing low voltage readings.


Ensuring that all electrical components are properly insulated and connections are secure can help avoid this type of error.

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