CCU 001079.03 – CCU Sensor Supply Voltage High

CCU 001079.03 (CCU 1079.03)

Code: 001079.03

Shortcode: 1079.03


This code is triggered when the sensor supply voltage exceeds the normal operating range, specifically going above 5.2 volts. This condition can affect the performance and reliability of the sensors that monitor various parameters within the vehicle’s systems.


The control unit limits certain functions to safeguard the system against potential damage or erratic behavior due to the high voltage condition.


  • Voltage Inspection: Measure the voltage levels in the sensor supply circuit using a multimeter to confirm the fault and identify the source of the high voltage.
  • Circuit Examination: Inspect the wiring and connections for signs of damage, corrosion, or loose connections that might be causing increased voltage. Repair or replace faulty components as needed.
  • Voltage Regulator Check: Verify the operation of voltage regulators or any associated circuitry that maintains the voltage within the specified range. Replace if they are found to be faulty.
  • System Reset and Calibration: After addressing the electrical issues, reset the control unit and recalibrate any affected sensors to ensure they operate correctly with the corrected voltage levels.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Implement regular checks on the electrical system to prevent recurrence of high voltage issues and ensure long-term stability and performance.


Proper management of voltage levels is essential for the accurate functioning of sensors and control systems. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help avoid such high voltage issues and maintain the reliability and accuracy of sensor readings.

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