CCU 002602.02 – Hydraulic Clean Oil Reservoir Level Switch Fault

CCU 002602.02 (CCU 2602.02)

Code: 002602.02

Shortcode: 2602.02


This code indicates a malfunction within the hydraulic clean oil reservoir (COR) level switch. The switch is essential for monitoring the oil level within the clean oil reservoir, ensuring that the hydraulic system has sufficient oil for safe and efficient operation. A faulty switch may either falsely report low oil levels or fail to alert operators to a genuine low oil condition, potentially leading to system damage or operational inefficiency.


The control unit degrades the functionality of the hydraulic system to prevent damage that could occur due to incorrect oil level readings.


  • Inspect and Test Level Switch: Examine the COR level switch for any physical damage or malfunction. Test its functionality to ensure it accurately reflects oil levels.
  • Replace Faulty Switch: If the level switch is found to be defective, replace it immediately to restore accurate monitoring of the oil levels.
  • Check Wiring and Connections: Ensure all electrical connections to the level switch are secure and free of corrosion, which could affect its operation.
  • System Calibration: Calibrate the new level switch according to manufacturer specifications to ensure accurate oil level readings.
  • Operational Verification: After replacement and calibration, run the hydraulic system to verify that the new switch is operating correctly under various conditions.


Proper functioning of the oil level switch is crucial for the safe operation of hydraulic systems. Regular inspections and prompt replacement of faulty components help maintain system reliability and prevent unexpected downtimes.

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