CCU 523749.16 – PTO Clutch Slipping Too Long

CCU 523749.16 (CCU )

Code: 523749.16



This fault code is triggered when the PTO clutch slips excessively, typically due to repeated engagement under heavy loads by the operator. High engine speeds combined with the engagement of the PTO can cause the engine RPM to drop to around 500 RPM, leading to overheating of the PTO clutch. The CCU will turn off the PTO and generate this code to protect the clutch from damage.


The CCU deactivates the PTO to prevent further slipping and overheating. The code will display for seven seconds if the PTO switch is turned off; if not, it will continue to display until the switch is cycled off. The PTO switch cannot re-engage the PTO until seven seconds have passed, allowing the clutch to cool.


  • Adjust CommandCenter™ Settings: Ensure the rear PTO engagement settings in CommandCenter™ are appropriate. Use auto mode to automatically detect and adjust for heavy PTO loads.
  • Operator Training: Educate operators on proper PTO engagement techniques, especially avoiding high engine speeds during engagement under heavy loads.
  • Inspect PTO Clutch: Check the PTO clutch for signs of wear or damage due to excessive slipping. Replace if necessary.
  • Cool Down Period: Allow sufficient time for the PTO clutch to cool down before re-engaging to prevent overheating.
  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance checks for the PTO system to ensure all components are functioning correctly and within their operational limits.


Proper management of PTO engagement, especially under heavy loads, is essential to avoid excessive wear and overheating of the PTO clutch. Regular adjustments and operator training can help maintain system efficiency and longevity.

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