CCU 523851.02 – iTEC™ Disabled Due To HCC/SCC/TEC

CCU 523851.02 (CCU )

Code: 523851.02



This code is triggered when the Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC™) system is aborted due to a lack of response from either the Hitch Control Unit (HCC), Selective Control Valve Control Unit (SCC), or Tractor Equipment Control Unit (TEC). This prevents the iTEC™ system from completing its sequence, which can affect the automated management of equipment operations.


The iTEC™ sequence is aborted, and its functionality is degraded until the underlying issue is resolved.


  • Diagnose Associated Codes: Investigate and resolve any related codes from the HCC, SCC, or TEC that might be causing the lack of response.
  • Check Communication Lines: Ensure that communication lines between the CCU and the HCC, SCC, and TEC units are intact and functioning properly.
  • Update Firmware: Make sure all control units have the latest firmware updates to avoid compatibility issues.
  • System Testing: After resolving the related codes and ensuring proper communication, reset the system and test the iTEC™ functions to confirm normal operation.


The iTEC™ system relies on accurate and timely responses from various control units. Ensuring that all units are functioning correctly and are well-maintained is crucial for the seamless operation of iTEC™ sequences.

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