CCU 523916.00 – Hydraulic Oil Filter Restriction Sensor Bypassed Under 1500 rpm

CCU 523916.00 (CCU )

Code: 523916.00



This fault code indicates that the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) has detected a high-pressure condition in the hydraulic oil filter restriction sensor while the engine speed is below 1500 RPM for more than 15 seconds. This typically suggests that the sensor is bypassed, potentially due to a filter restriction or an issue with the sensor itself. This code is often associated with and may result from fault codes 523916.03 or 523916.04.


The control unit degrades the hydraulic system functionality to prevent potential damage due to possible filter restriction, ensuring the system operates at reduced capacity to mitigate risks.


  • Resolve Associated Codes: First, diagnose and resolve any issues related to codes 523916.03 and 523916.04, as these are often the underlying cause of the 523916.00 code.
  • Inspect Hydraulic Oil Filter: Check the hydraulic oil filter for clogs or restrictions. Replace the filter if necessary to ensure proper flow and pressure.
  • Test Sensor Functionality: Verify the hydraulic oil filter restriction sensor’s operation. Ensure it accurately detects pressure conditions and is not faulty or incorrectly calibrated.
  • Check Hydraulic Oil Levels: Ensure that the hydraulic oil levels are within the specified range. Low oil levels can lead to high-pressure readings.
  • Monitor System Performance: After resolving the issues, monitor the system to ensure that the high-pressure condition does not recur and that the engine operates normally under 1500 RPM without triggering the fault code.


Regular maintenance of the hydraulic system, including filter checks and sensor calibration, is crucial for preventing such issues. Ensuring proper oil levels and routine inspections can help maintain system efficiency and reliability.

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