CCU 523916.16 – Hydraulic Oil Filter Restriction Sensor Bypassed Over 1500 rpm

CCU 523916.16 (CCU )

Code: 523916.16



This fault code is triggered when the hydraulic oil filter restriction sensor detects high pressure while the engine speed is above 1500 RPM for more than 15 seconds. This condition suggests that the filter is bypassed due to excessive pressure, which can occur if the filter is heavily restricted or if there is a fault in the sensor itself. This code is often linked to codes 523916.03 or 523916.04.


The functionality of the hydraulic system is degraded to prevent damage due to potential filter restriction. The system will continue to operate at a reduced capacity until the issue is resolved.


  • Resolve Associated Codes: Address and resolve any issues related to codes 523916.03 (high sensor voltage) and 523916.04 (low sensor voltage) before diagnosing this code.
  • Inspect and Replace Filter: Check the hydraulic oil filter for clogs or restrictions and replace if necessary.
  • Test Sensor Operation: Verify the operation of the hydraulic oil filter restriction sensor to ensure it accurately detects pressure conditions. Replace the sensor if it is faulty.
  • Check Hydraulic Oil Levels: Ensure that the hydraulic oil levels are within the recommended range. Low oil levels can contribute to high-pressure conditions.
  • System Monitoring: Monitor the hydraulic system to ensure that high-pressure conditions do not recur. Adjust operating procedures or system settings if necessary to prevent future issues.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the hydraulic system are critical for preventing high-pressure conditions and ensuring reliable operation. Addressing sensor faults promptly can help maintain accurate system performance.

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