CLC 000158.01 – Low Switched Supply Voltage in Cab Load Center. John Deere System Advisory.

CLC 000158.01 (CLC 158.01)

Code: 000158.01

Shortcode: 158.01


This fault code reveals that the Cab Load Center (CLC) switched supply voltage has dropped below 12.5 V while the engine speed is over 1500 rpm. This condition may indicate issues such as a failing battery, inadequate charging, or heavy electrical load exceeding the charging system’s capacity.


The system may initiate a low-power mode or restrict certain operations to conserve power and protect the electrical system.


  • Inspect Battery and Charging System: Verify the health of the battery and the effectiveness of the charging system.
  • Reduce Electrical Load: If possible, reduce non-essential electrical loads to alleviate strain on the charging system.
  • Check for Electrical Short Circuits or Drains: Search for any potential sources of electrical shorts or parasitic drains that could be depleting the battery.
  • Technical Consultation Recommended: Persistent issues should be addressed by consulting with John Deere technical support.


Low voltage levels can compromise the performance and reliability of electronic systems, making regular system checks and maintenance essential for operational stability.

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