CLC 000158.18 – Voltage Dip Detected in Cab Load Center During Mid-Range Engine Speeds. John Deere Alert.

CLC 000158.18 (CLC 158.18)

Code: 000158.18

Shortcode: 158.18


This error code indicates that the switched supply voltage in the Cab Load Center (CLC) falls below 11.2 V when the engine’s speed is between 512 rpm and 1500 rpm. Such a voltage dip could imply inefficiencies in the charging system or excessive power draw during mid-range engine operations, potentially affecting vehicle performance and electrical system stability.


The system may reduce the performance of certain functions or temporarily disable non-essential electrical components to conserve power and protect critical systems.


  • Evaluate Charging System Performance: Perform a detailed check of the alternator and associated charging components to ensure they are operating effectively across all engine speeds.
  • Identify and Minimize Unnecessary Loads: Review all electrical loads to ensure no excessive power consumption occurs, particularly at mid-range engine speeds.
  • Monitor Voltage Fluctuations: Continuously monitor voltage levels during different engine conditions to identify any anomalies that may not be apparent during idle or high-speed operation.
  • Consult a Specialist: For recurring issues, a consultation with a John Deere specialist or a professional service technician is advised to delve deeper into the electrical system’s behavior.


Proactive management of electrical supply and demand is key to ensuring optimal performance and longevity of vehicle electronics, especially in fluctuating engine conditions.

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