CLC 001079.04 – Low Voltage Issue in CLC Sensor Supply. John Deere Operational Alert.

CLC 001079.04 (CLC 1079.04)

Code: 001079.04

Shortcode: 1079.04


This error code signifies that the sensor supply voltage within the Cab Load Center (CLC) is below 4.80 V. Low voltage to sensors can result in inadequate sensor performance, leading to incomplete or incorrect data being fed into the system controls.


The control unit may limit the reliance on affected sensors and alert the operator to potential inaccuracies in sensor-derived data.


  • Examine Power Sources: Assess and ensure that all power sources providing voltage to sensors are stable and sufficient.
  • Check for Connection Issues: Inspect all connections for loose or corroded contacts that may contribute to voltage drops.
  • Regular Voltage Monitoring: Implement regular monitoring of voltage levels to ensure consistent supply to all sensors.
  • Service Consultation Needed: If voltage levels continue to be problematic, consult with service personnel to address and rectify the issue effectively.


Consistent and correct voltage supply is fundamental for sensor reliability, directly impacting the overall performance and safety of machinery operations.

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