CLC 002362.06 – High Current Issue in Rear Roof Flood Lights Circuit. John Deere Safety Notice.

CLC 002362.06 (CLC 2362.06)

Code: 002362.06

Shortcode: 2362.06


This code is reported when the left or right rear roof flood lights circuit’s current exceeds the 7-amp fuse rating, detected by the Cab Load Center (CLC). Excessive current can indicate potential short circuits or malfunctions in the lighting system, which may lead to overheating and electrical hazards.


The system may disable the affected flood light to prevent damage or a safety hazard due to the high current.


  • Inspect for Short Circuits: Carefully examine the circuit for any short circuits or damage that could cause high current draw.
  • Fuse Assessment: Ensure the fuse is the correct rating and replace it if it has blown.
  • Verify Operational Programming: Check that the flood lights are programmed correctly according to the Programmable Lighting Operational Check.
  • Rectify and Test: Address any identified issues and test the circuit post-repair to ensure it operates within safe limits.


Maintaining electrical components within specified current parameters is crucial for safety and functionality.

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