CLC 002372.06 – High Current in Brake Lights Circuit. John Deere Safety Notice.

CLC 002372.06 (CLC 2372.06)

Code: 002372.06

Shortcode: 2372.06


This error code is triggered when the current flowing through the brake light circuit exceeds the 12-amp fuse rating. Such high current often results from short circuits or component failures within the brake light system and can lead to significant safety hazards including electrical fires or component meltdown.


To prevent potential damage, the system may shut down the overcurrent portion of the brake light circuit.


  • Short Circuit Identification and Rectification: Locate any short circuits within the circuit, paying special attention to areas prone to wear or damage.
  • Fuse and Component Check: Verify the condition and rating of the fuse, and check all related components such as the brake light bulbs and holders.
  • System Reconfiguration: Reconfigure or replace any defective wiring or components to ensure compliance with current specifications.
  • Final System Check: After addressing the issue, conduct a final system check to verify that the brake lights operate within normal current parameters without triggering the fuse.


Ensuring that the brake light circuit is free from faults is crucial for vehicle safety and operational integrity. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help avoid such high current issues.

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