CRU 002850.03 – Excessive Voltage Detected in Radio Antenna Circuit. John Deere System Advisory.

CRU 002850.03 (CRU 2850.03)

Code: 002850.03

Shortcode: 2850.03


Error code CRU 002850.03 is generated when the radio antenna circuit is either open or shorted to a 12-volt source, resulting in a voltage level that is too high for standard operations. This excessive voltage can potentially damage the radio system and affect the signal reception, leading to decreased functionality or failure of the radio unit.


The radio and possibly other linked control systems exhibit limited functionality or cease to function to prevent damage or erroneous operations due to the high voltage condition.


  • Inspect Antenna and Circuit Connections: Check the radio antenna and its associated circuitry for any signs of damage, disconnection, or shorts to power sources. Ensure all connections are secure and properly insulated.
  • Measure Voltage Levels: Use a multimeter to verify the voltage levels in the antenna circuit. This helps in identifying points where unwanted voltage may be entering the circuit.
  • Repair or Replace Damaged Components: If a short or damage is found, repair the circuit or replace faulty wires or components to restore proper functionality.
  • Test Antenna Functionality: After repairs, test the radio antenna functionality to ensure that it is receiving and transmitting signals correctly and that no residual high voltage issues remain.
  • Reset the Control Software: Clear any fault codes and reset the control software to ensure all system functions are restored and operating as intended.


Regular checks and maintenance of the radio system and its electrical connections are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and preventing voltage-related issues. It is important to address any anomalies in voltage levels immediately to avoid long-term damage to the electronic systems within the vehicle.

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