CSC 523973.07 – Cab Suspension Does Not Reach Level Position in Target Time. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 523973.07 (CSC )

Code: 523973.07



This error code CSC 523973.07 occurs when the cab suspension fails to reach the level position within five minutes while traveling at speeds above 10 km/h (6 mph). This issue may indicate a fault in the raise/lower solenoid valves.


The bleeding process fails, and the system prompts a restart of the bleeding process.


  • Diagnose Related CSC Codes: If other CSC codes related to the cab suspension position sensor are present, diagnose and resolve those issues first.
  • Inspect Solenoid Valves: Check the raise/lower solenoid valves for any faults or malfunctions that could prevent the cab from reaching the level position. Replace any faulty valves.
  • Verify Electrical Connections: Ensure all electrical connections to the solenoid valves are secure and free from damage.
  • Measure and Test System Performance: Use diagnostic tools to measure the performance of the solenoid valves and the cab suspension system. Ensure that all components operate within the specified parameters.
  • Perform System Bleeding and Calibration: After resolving any issues, restart the bleeding process and perform a full calibration to ensure the cab suspension reaches the level position within the target time.


Ensuring that the cab suspension system reaches its level position promptly is crucial for maintaining vehicle stability and operator comfort. Regular inspections and maintenance of the solenoid valves and related components help ensure reliable performance.

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