CSC 523973.13 – Cab Suspension Sensor Not Calibrated Correctly. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 523973.13 (CSC )

Code: 523973.13



Error code CSC 523973.13 is generated if, at the end of calibration or bleeding and calibrating, the control software detects a voltage that is out of range at the cab suspension sensor. As a result, the calibration is cancelled, and the previously saved values remain in use. This is an informational code that suggests diagnosing other CSC 523973.XX codes first.
Alarm Level: Caution


  • The control software exits its calibration mode and reverts to its previous mode.
  • Limited function of the vehicle.


  • Diagnose Related CSC Codes: Prioritize diagnosing any related CSC 523973.XX codes to address underlying issues.
  • Inspect Sensor Connections: Check the wiring and connections to the cab suspension sensor for damage or loose connections. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Measure Sensor Voltage: Use diagnostic tools to measure the voltage at the cab suspension sensor and ensure it falls within the acceptable range.
  • Perform Sensor Calibration: After addressing any issues, attempt to recalibrate the sensor to ensure accurate readings.
  • Update Control Software: Ensure the control software is up-to-date and configured correctly to handle the calibration process.
  • Test System Functionality: After recalibration, test the cab suspension system to confirm that it operates correctly and maintains proper function.


Accurate calibration of the cab suspension sensor is essential for optimal vehicle performance. Regular maintenance and prompt resolution of sensor-related issues help ensure reliable operation.

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