CSC 523973.17 – Cab Suspension All the Way Up During Calibration, Incorrect Sensor Signal. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 523973.17 (CSC )

Code: 523973.17



Error code CSC 523973.17 indicates that during the calibration process, the cab position sensor sends an incorrect signal when the cab is fully raised. Specifically, the sensor voltage does not exceed 3 V, which is required for accurate calibration of the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC).


  • Limited function of the cab suspension.
  • Calibration is aborted.


  • Inspect Cab Position Sensor and Connections: Check the cab position sensor and its wiring for damage, loose connections, or incorrect installation. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Measure Sensor Voltage: Use diagnostic tools to measure the voltage at the cab position sensor when the cab is fully raised. Ensure it exceeds 3 V.
  • Replace Faulty Sensors: If the sensor is faulty and unable to provide the correct signal, replace it to ensure accurate readings.
  • Verify Control Software Configuration: Ensure that the control software is correctly configured to interpret the sensor signals during calibration.
  • Perform Recalibration: After resolving any issues, restart the calibration process to ensure the cab suspension system is accurately calibrated.
  • Conduct System Tests: After calibration, perform comprehensive tests to confirm that the sensor operates correctly and the cab suspension functions as expected.


Accurate sensor signals are critical for the proper calibration and operation of the cab suspension system. Regular maintenance and prompt resolution of sensor-related issues help ensure reliable performance and vehicle stability.

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