CSC 523973.31 – Cab Moves in Wrong Direction During Calibration. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 523973.31 (CSC )

Code: 523973.31



This error code indicates that the cab moves in the wrong direction during the calibration process. Possible causes include mixed-up connectors at the solenoid valves, issues in the raising/lowering solenoid valve circuit or pressure build-up/reduction circuit, or problems in the hydraulic circuit of the cab suspension system. This code can be active if calibration is attempted after the vehicle has been idle for a few hours.


  • Bleeding process fails, and the procedure must be restarted.


  • Check Solenoid Valve Connectors: Verify that all connectors at the solenoid valves are correctly positioned and not mixed up. Correct any misconnections.
  • Inspect Solenoid Valve Circuit: Examine the circuits for the raising and lowering solenoid valves. Look for wiring issues, loose connections, or faults that could cause incorrect movement.
  • Evaluate Hydraulic Circuit: Inspect the hydraulic circuit for issues that could cause the cab to move in the wrong direction. Check for correct routing, leaks, or blockages.
  • Test Solenoid Valves: Ensure the solenoid valves are functioning correctly and responding to the control signals as expected. Replace any faulty valves.
  • Perform Controlled Calibration: Restart the calibration process, ensuring that the vehicle has been properly prepared and that all systems are functioning as intended.
  • Monitor Hydraulic Pressure: Ensure that the hydraulic pressure is correctly managed and that the pressure build-up and reduction circuits are operating properly.


Accurate calibration and correct directional movement of the cab suspension are critical for safe and effective vehicle operation. Regular checks and maintenance of solenoid valves and hydraulic circuits help prevent issues and ensure reliable performance.

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