CSM 522764.02 — ATC Temperature Setting Invalid

CSM 522764.02 (CSM )

Code: 522764.02



This error code, CSM 522764.02, indicates that the Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) temperature settings are invalid. This could be due to incorrect input, software glitches, or a malfunction in the ATC system.


The ATC function is disabled to prevent incorrect temperature regulation.


Check Temperature Settings:

  • Verify the temperature settings input into the ATC system. Ensure that they are within the acceptable range and correctly configured.

Inspect ATC Sensors:

  • Examine the sensors associated with the ATC system for any signs of malfunction or incorrect readings. Replace any faulty sensors.

Update ATC Software:

  • Ensure that the ATC software is up-to-date. Apply any available updates or patches to correct potential software-related issues.

Reset ATC System:

  • Perform a system reset to clear any temporary faults and restore default settings. Test the ATC function after the reset to confirm proper operation.

Consult Manufacturer Guidelines:

  • Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for specific troubleshooting steps related to the ATC system.


Regular maintenance of the ATC system, including checking and updating settings and software, can help prevent such issues. Ensuring proper sensor function is also critical for accurate temperature control.

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