DSM 523910.02 — Control Unit Internal Fault

DSM 523910.02 (DSM )

Code: 523910.02



This diagnostic trouble code is triggered if an internal memory fault occurs while data is being saved. This type of fault can arise due to issues with the control unit’s EEPROM or other memory components, potentially leading to data corruption or loss.


When an internal memory fault is detected, the control unit may enter a safe mode or limit certain functionalities to prevent further issues. This action helps protect the system from potential data loss or corruption that could affect operational integrity.


  • Diagnose Internal Memory: Use diagnostic tools to check the status and health of the control unit’s memory components. Pay close attention to the EEPROM and other critical memory areas.
  • Update Control Software: Ensure that the control unit firmware is up-to-date. Firmware updates can address known memory handling issues and improve overall system stability.
  • Check Power Supply Stability: Verify that the control unit is receiving a stable power supply. Fluctuations or interruptions in power can lead to memory faults.
  • Inspect for Physical Damage: Examine the control unit for any physical damage or signs of wear that could affect memory functionality.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If the memory components, such as the EEPROM, are found to be faulty, replace them with new or verified components.
  • Perform System Reset: After addressing the memory fault, reset the control unit to clear the fault code and test for normal operation.


Maintaining the integrity of the control unit’s memory is crucial for reliable operation. Regular diagnostics and timely updates can help prevent memory faults and ensure the control unit functions correctly.

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