DSM 600006.13 — Diagnostic Trouble Code Not Known

DSM 600006.13 (DSM )

Code: 600006.13



This diagnostic trouble code is triggered by the CommandCenter (DTI) when it receives a DSM diagnostic trouble code via the CAN BUS that is not stored in the DTI memory. This “general” diagnostic trouble code allows the CommandCenter to display information about the unknown DSM diagnostic trouble code, indicating an issue that has not been predefined in the system.


When the CommandCenter encounters an unknown DSM diagnostic trouble code, it will display this general code to alert the operator. This ensures that the presence of an unknown issue is communicated, prompting further investigation.


  • Verify DSM Codes: Cross-reference the received DSM code with the latest documentation and service bulletins to identify if it is a new or updated code that the DTI may not recognize.
  • Update CommandCenter Software: Ensure that the CommandCenter (DTI) software is up-to-date. Software updates can include new diagnostic codes and improve the system’s ability to recognize and handle them.
  • Check CAN BUS Communication: Use diagnostic tools to monitor CAN BUS communication for any irregularities that might cause misinterpretation or incorrect transmission of diagnostic codes.
  • Consult Manufacturer Support: Contact John Deere support or check technical resources for information on newly introduced DSM diagnostic codes that might not yet be included in the current DTI database.
  • Log and Monitor: Record the occurrence of this general diagnostic trouble code and monitor for any recurring issues. This data can be valuable for further diagnosis and communication with technical support.


The appearance of unknown diagnostic trouble codes highlights the importance of keeping all system software updated and maintaining clear communication channels for technical support. Regular updates and thorough documentation can help mitigate the impact of such issues.

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